Partnering with Realtors

Working in partnership for smooth and secure transactions.

Purchasing a home requires a large financial commitment. It includes an aspect of law that requires specialized knowledge to address unique legal issues that other transactions don’t have. 

The general process includes a seller entering into a written contract with a real estate agent. Then — once a buyer makes an offer and everyone informally agrees to continue — the buyer and seller sign another legal document: the purchase agreement.

While the process seems simple, sometimes unforeseen issues arise. We bring extensive knowledge about various legal issues, like tax consequences of buying or selling the property. We partner with realtors to provide another set of eyes during the closing process, which can feel confusing and complex to many buyers and sellers.

When we collaborate with a real estate agent, we’re familiar with the specifics of the transaction and well-equipped to protect your best interests. Together with the realtor, we can anticipate and address possible last minute disputes like delivering personal property or possession, or adjusting different costs including fuel or taxes.

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The Difference Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Attorney

Often, people buying or selling real estate struggle to see a difference between a real estate question vs a legal question.

On one hand, buyer’s and seller’s agents don’t hold a license to provide legal advice. They violate the law if they give a legal opinion. 

On the other hand, attorneys — even those who specialize in real estate law — generally lack the knowledge about preparing competitive market analyses, negotiating for repairs, or spotting potential defects.

That’s just one more reason why we cultivate partnerships we’ve formed with local realtors. Everyone benefits! 

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Can I give more than 5 stars??? I have worked with Nick Stratton on a few projects before and I was thoroughly, satisfied with the results, each time. The most recent adventure was a single, real estate sale but, involving a multitude of sellers that made constant changes. Nick had the patience of an angel and provided professional guidance and direction with each and every issue. I highly, recommend Nick to everyone that requires nothing short of excellence!!!
Al Zowada

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