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Synergy A collaboration of two or more organizations that produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts.

The law is complex and nuanced. We don’t want our clients to feel intimidated — it’s expected that they don’t have all the answers. Sometimes, we don’t either.

That’s why we love to collaborate. We believe in fostering relationships with other experts whose knowledge complements ours — and our clients benefit, too. When we cultivate relationships with our partners, we create a one-stop shop with other well-qualified individuals who enhance the services we provide our clients. 

We know that when we don’t have all the answers, we can reach out to our network of trusted advisors to answer the questions we can’t. Everyone benefits because we gain information, advocacy, and guidance, plus:

  • An expanded network of shared skills and expertise, where we and our partners can refer clients to each other based on who’s most qualified with the knowledge to provide the right answers and the most help
  • A system of partner coaching that benefits both partners

We’re proud to have partnered with professionals that include:


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I had the pleasure of working with Nima Ashtyani to complete my power of attorney, will, and health care directive. My experience with him was nothing short of excellent. He is diligent, thorough, and very thoughtful. He spent quite a bit of time with my wife and me to ensure we carefully considered all our options when completing each document. Despite several concerns and a fair amount of revisions, Nima showed remarkable patience. Because we had such a positive experience, I referred his firm to my parents and friends. All of whom had equally positive experiences working with him. This firm is highly recommended.
Frank Martello

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